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Camping in the Shadow of the Tetons

Awakening in a tent at the foot of the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming, the air alive with the sent of summer giving way to autumn. . . one is torn between lingering in the cocoon of a down sleeping bag or rising to take in the day. . .

Waking in a tent in the shadow of the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming


There is nothing quite so glorious as the changing of the seasons in Jackson, Wyoming.  The air that permeates the space between summer and autumn is tinged with frost and the smell of the friction of the edges of summer's searing heat bumping up against the cool icy teeth of fall.

Breakfast cooked on a backpacking stove in the woods is better than any restaurant!

Steam rises from the pot, if only your could smell the bacon!

A little mandolin music with wilderness breakfast

A little mandolin music with wilderness breakfast

To me, there is no better time or place to retreat to the wilderness, to spend a few days living out of a tent.  It reinvigorates my creativity and passion for the outdoors when I can block off my calendar, get beyond the reach of cell signal, and just breathe.

Breakfast below the snowy Tetons is the perfect way to start a day.

It's August now, and I am looking forward to escaping into the quiet of the mountains to experience this again soon.  It's where my real work gets done.