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Jen Magnuson Photography - Visual Stories of Outdoor Adventure Commercial and Editorial Photographer

Jen Magnuson

Shooting winter backcountry adventures on Red Mountain Pass in Colorado with my trusty assistant, Hicker the Heeler (Follow his Instagram @ Hickertheheeler )

Shooting winter backcountry adventures on Red Mountain Pass in Colorado with my trusty assistant, Hicker the Heeler (Follow his Instagram @Hickertheheeler)


About Jen Magnuson

I fell in love with the outdoors in the Blue Ridge of western North Carolina, where I spent nearly every childhood summer visiting my grandfather in his log cabin.  It was in those rolling green hills, where I first hiked a trail, drank from a spring, watched a sunrise, picked and ate sun-warmed blueberries straight from the branch, and stood transfixed under the Milky Way in the clear night sky.

My photography career started when I accidentally let a friend talk me into shooting their wedding. It was fine. I kept doing that, but I felt stifled shooting weddings in my old hometown of Washington, DC, so when the opportunity presented itself, my husband, Jeff, and I took a big risk, spent 3 months living in the woods of the Appalachian Trail, and landed with no jobs and only what fit in our two cars, in Denver, Colorado, where a passion for adventurous play fuels life and work, and you encounter intrepid, butt cheek clenching, badassery every day, because it's just who people are out here!

I'm a photographer with an eye for adrenaline fueled, heart pumping images of athletes pursuing their next big feats, bright bold color, and the moments that tell the stories behind them and their favorite activities.  I love solving the technical and logistical problems of shooting in all of the challenges that the backcountry and wilderness throw at me, and I love the campfires, beers, puppy kisses, and tales from the field that follow a job well executed.

I am beyond grateful to make an "office" in the wild places of the planet, spend many nights in the billion star accommodations of a tent under the Milky Way, and to have the company of my canine assistants and light wrangler/pack mule/cheerleader of a husband through it all!

Background and Education

I learned SLR photography in the mid-1990s on an old fully manual Nikon that I borrowed from my high school boyfriend.  After wandering through a career in politics, law enforcement, bicycle repair, teaching yoga, and coaching triathletes, I found myself. . . no really FOUND myself, behind the lens again.

I graduated from Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts in 2014 and began shooting with some of the top wedding photographers in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area.

I have since shot for clients including: Race Across America, REI, Bike Radar, Business Insider, Richard Branson, the United States Department of Labor, The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association. I also share my passion for photography as an instructor for REI's Outdoor School in their Colorado market.

I am a contributing photographer to Aurora Photos and Cavan Images. I serve on the Board of the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, and am a member of Nikon Professional Services.